Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TRENDS Artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence. This makes the work simpler and capable of doing anything effectively without the human mind. It increases the probability of success in any field. It is quite different from natural human intelligence.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence

Science and research

  • It can handle large quantities of data and process quicker than humans.We got to know as per CrunchyTricks, that the more web scraping we do the better our content and business can automatically become.


  • The Future Scope of AI in transport is driverless cars. Many of the companies are developing autonomous vehicles, as self-driving cars are very beneficial. They can control 90% of accidents and road safety measures.


  • Some of the voice recognition apps like a home assistant, smart assistant, Google assistant are also part of AI technology. We can play music, open apps, and also place online orders.

Types of AI

  1. Artificial narrow intelligence
  2. Artificial general intelligence
  3. Artificial superintelligence




 Blockchain is a digital block system. This is used to record transactions of specific data .” SATOSHI NAKAMOTO” is the father of the blockchain. This is used to eliminate unimportant data quickly and enables the company to find the product or transactions easily.

Scope of BlockChain 

Financial industry

  • Blockchain has an incredible scope in the future in the financial industry. It is used to record all transactions which humans can’t handle the heavy load of work as RBI showing more interest in digitalization.

Cloud storage

  • Blockchain is used to protect data and cloud storage from hackers and human errors.


  • It is used to alter the methodology for research, analysis, and forecasting. The digital voting system is also a part of blockchain technology.

Types of blockchain

  1. Private
  2. Hybrid
  3. Consortium
  4. Public



Mixed reality is a combination of the physical and digital worlds. It is the next evolution of humans, computers, and the environment. It was created by Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino in 1994. It is the application of displaying, spatial sound, location, etc. Mixed reality headsets and goggles Microsoft HoloLens are examples of mixed reality.

Scope of mixed reality 

Multiple screens

  • A mixed reality headset allows us to open multiple screens at a time in 3D space, unlike a single screen. This makes work comfortable and flexible.


  • It is used to display presentations wherever we desired to without the use of any projectors, white screen, etc. 

3D model interaction and manipulations

  • This is used to view and manipulate visuals of data in 3D space by wearing a headset on the spot. The work can be done easily in 3D space efficiently and confidently make changes or manipulate it.


Types of mixed reality apps

  1. Enhanced environment
  2. Blended environment
  3. Immersive environment 




Cyber is known as computer or information technology. This protects information technology and other networks, hardware, data from damage, theft, various threads, and unauthorized access.

Types of Cybersecurity

  1. Network security
  2. Internet security
  3. Endpoint security
  4. Cloud security
  5. Application security

Some of the threads of information technology

  1. Denial of service
  2. Phishing
  3. Trojans
  4. Attack on IoT device
  5. Computer viruses
  6. Online harassments


The primary source of these all threats and attacks is mainly hackers, business competitors, terrorists, nation-states.

Individual Defence to threads and attacks

Some of the measures to avoid all threads and to save personal data and information technology are,

  1. Password hygiene.
  2. Antivirus software.
  3. Caution against phishing attacks



The Internet of things means in simple words collection of data and the exchange of data without a human to human and a human to computers. There is no involvement of humans. I was discovered by Kevin Aston, in 199’0. Some devices are connected to the internet that transfer data to the object without humans’ help. Some of them are wireless sensors, electronic appliances, lights, etc.  

Scopes of Internet of things

Presently in 2020, the market trends in IIT are increasing rapidly. It is expected to cost USD 9 billion in 2020 only in India. IoT has required technology to implement different branches. It makes the exchange of everything to everyone quickly. Some of them are:

Health care

  • Some of the sensors are used to monitor patient illness with mobile-like remotes.
  • It is also used to check heartbeats and pluses. 


  • In the agriculture field, sensors are used to check the soil, air, and temperature, etc. 
  • It is also used for praying for insecticides and pesticides. IoT saves time and sources like water and electricity.


  • Nowadays in the high technology generation, IOT plays a massive part in the education system.IOT devices like smart boards, tablets automatically suggest the different topic we need by the sensors
  • It is also used to collect the attendance of the students in schools, colleges, and hostels. It makes it easier to trace the students’ presence in hostels or colleges.

Different types of IoT device

  1. Wi-fi
  2. Bluetooth and BLE
  3. Radiofrequency identification (RFID)
  4. Cellular (3G,4G,5G)
  5. ZigBee and other mesh protocol



The progressive web app is used software through web programs. It is used to build and develop websites and apps. Some of them are HTML, javascript, and CSS. It is used to create an app and make designs and patterns. Then, there is also software for designing cars. Without downloading mobile apps, users can access the information as PWA uses modern web technology.

Scopes of PWA

Faster and Seamless

  • PWA works on service workers. It uses the latest technology, and it works between the web and user tabs.

Instant app experience

  • PWA is an endeavor by Google that provides an app-like experience to the users by developing advanced web techniques. It can be worked without downloading apps. This works as an instant app


Outsourcing software development is used to hire a third-party programmer to provide services to the software developer. This reduces the cost and saves time, which is more important in the present competitive world. Early outsourcing software development was started in the 1990s by the first global airline company.

Scope of outsourcing software development


  • It is used to forecast reports, and it will be an integral part of business processes. Presently it stands at USD 90 billion.


  • It helps to create more innovative ideas and engaging products. It also helps to solve difficulties and redefine the work.

Time and cost

  • In the fastest world, saving time and doing smart work is more important than hard work. By outsourcing software makes work more flexible and reduces the cost.

Types of outsourcing software development

  1. Professional outsourcing.
  2. Manufacturer outsourcing.
  3. Offshore outsourcing.
  4. Project outsourcing.
  5. Multi sourcing 


Overall, it may be said that the above-mentioned 7 best software development trends in 2021 are the backbones for the development of the latest technologies. They simply make us work effectively and efficiently and also save time, which is more important in the present competitive world.

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